why my archive pages do not show the full content?

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This is one of the frequently asked questions in our support forums. I will try to answer this question here so it can benefit everyone.

This question is also worded like the following questions.

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So, what exactly is the problem?

Archive pages like the category view, or monthly view, or a tag view, do not show the full post’s content.

Why it does not ?

Because most of the themes are designed to only show the excerpt of the post, when people are viewing an archive page.

What is the advantage of it?

1. The search engines [like Google or Yahoo], will not list your archive page as the result of a search. You do not want your site visitors to land on an archive page, instead you want them to land on a single post.
2. Most of the time your site’s visitor, is trying to locate one of your interesting posts that they know it exists on your site. Your archive pages should help them get to it faster.

I do not care about the advantages mentioned above. How do I show the complete post on the archive pages as well?

1. Open up the archive.php and look for


in it and replace it with

the_content('Continue Reading');

2. Repeat step 1, for search.php, date.php, category.php [These files may not exist in your theme and if it does not exist, ignore this step]

No..No…I see the advantages, but I do not want the excerpts to be automatically created.
Well…when you write a new post, there is an option at the bottom that says “Optional Excerpt”.
You can paste your own excerpts of the post, into this box, so that they get displayed on the archive pages.
Remember you can also put html content into this box.

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