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Writing a book on “Working With WordPress Themes”, is one of the projects I really love to do.

I have learned a lot of things about WordPress and its features over the past three years.
If you closely watch the discussions that occur at the Forums, you will get to know a little bit more about the inner workings of “WordPress”, “Themes”, “XHTML” and “CSS”.

People always want to customize their sites, to fit their needs. Every once in a while, people will get struck in doing the customizations on their own. Most of the time, they just miss a little bit of information and once they learn it, they will move on further.
A little “push in the right direction” is all people need and that is exactly what you would see it happen in the Forums.

I wanted to present those little bits of information in a nice book format and here you will be able to see a few chapters of it as of now.

What this Book will do?
It will help you do your customizations in an error-proof way and will also point you to the right direction when encountered with any customization issue.

What this Book will not do?
This book will not teach you how to create a WordPress Theme from scratch. It will help you customize an existing theme.

With that Introduction, I will let you read the first few chapters in the book and your feedback on this book is much appreciated.

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Registered a new domain and the site is live today.

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Hello world!

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The website is born today. Watch it grow everyday !

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