Blog Information

WordPress provides a function, that any theme can use, to get the information the user enters on the wordpress options page.

Say for example, the theme wants to display the site’s title on its header, and make it a hyperlink to the site’s homepage. This can be achieved by making the call to the function “bloginfo()” along with some parameters. Lets see the most common usage for this function.

  1. <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> – echoes the site’s title.
  2. <?php bloginfo(‘siteurl’); ?> – echoes the site’s URL.
  3. <?php bloginfo(‘home’); ?> – echoes the site’s URL for the home page.
  4. <?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?> – echoes the current theme’s location, like http://yoursitename/wp-content/themes/mistylook/

Read more at the Codex.

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